Friday, 27 September 2013

The Chapter Cup

In the following few weeks I'm hoping to make some blog post's on what life as a Chapter Organiser involves, the perks and privileges it entails, and also the downfalls, but tonight I would like to speak about one perk in particular, The Chapter Cup. 

As one of The Harry Potter Alliance's newest chapters, I'm a little patchy on my knowledge of previous chapter campaigns run by the HPA, but I couldn't imagine there being a better one than this. 

The Chapter Cup is a simple yet incredibly affective campaign, each chapter applies to have it's own referral link to the HPA's current campaign, Equality For The Win, once emailed to them the chapter spreads this link to as many people as they can. The chapter with the most referrals via their link, wins. 

But what do they win ?

They win the chance to join the HPA's special anniversary live stream to hang out with the Alliance's leadership and a mystery celebrity guest.  How amazing is that ?! Seriously amazing is the answer.

And the best bit ? Even if we DON'T win, we've still managed to spread the news of EFTW to thousands of people who never would have known and helped raise more money for the wonderful campaign, so really, you can't lose at all!

My chapter have been wonderful, and really taken this challenge to heart, spreading our link as far and as wide as they can, and for the last 15 days we have been completely dominating the cup.  But it's not enough, so please keep clicking our link, and help London Loveiosa be one of the most successful chapters to date. 

It's time to bring Harry home. 

Our referral link is: 

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