Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Member of the month - November 2013

Congratulations to November's Member of the month - Laurene!

It was incredibly difficult to pick just one person for MOM as Elizabeth set such a high standard (mainly of quotes) last month. Everyone worked so hard and it could have gone a number of ways however...

Laurene was chosen for exceeding the five attributes we demand of all members.

1) Friendship - Laurene pushed the wheelchair for about 1000 hours on the sponsored walk, and only gave up when she was made to.
2) Imagination - Her Narcissa Malfoy costume was terrifyingly convincing.
3) Hilarity - Laurene has everyone in stitches at all events (see below)
4) Good Quotes - When asked by Platform 9 3/4 staff to kneel on the floor for a photo she looked at them in disgust and told them "Narcissa Malfoy does NOT kneel"
5) Team Spirit - Laurene has attended all events from the very beginning, baked lots of delicious muffins for The Catching Fire Premiere (which sold out in under 5 minutes!) and then braved the cold for hours even though she was unwell.

Next month we will be looking for the same attributes again! May the odd be ever in your favour!


  1. I have come to your blog via Rachel of @60postcards and I think your idea is wonderful! I published a book raising funds for Beating Bowel Cancer after my mum fell ill in 2012, fortunately at the moment she is in full remission. I look forward to reading your updates. Tim :)

  2. Hi Tim! So glad to hear that your mum is in remission! Thank you so much for sending us your thoughts! X