Monday, 17 March 2014

Odds in our favor

This weekend, for the release of the eagerly anticipated Catching Fire DVD release, Lionsgate attempted to once again distract fans from the true meaning of the series, the segregation and inequality between rich and poor in one community, with the use of glamour. This time, a costume competition was held in London, where fans were asked to dress up like a member of The Capitol in order to win premiere tickets for Mocking Jay part 1.

Description of the event on The Hunger Games facebook page.
Two fans wearing OIOF stickers
Fans were pushed to the side for official photographs, placing paid models in the centre.

Two of our chapter members, Jessica and Lottie, headed down to the competition dressed as Effie Trinket to hand out "Odds In Our Favor" (OIOF) stickers, to create awareness of this problem.  

Arriving to a sea of brightly coloured wigs and tight fitting dresses, they were shocked to discover only one male had entered the competition, and not only were they creating a distraction using the competition, but they had paid around 50 models and dressed them as Capitol citizens, placing them at the centre of all press photographs to make the event seem more glamorous, taking the spotlight away from the dedicated fans who had worked hard on their costumes.

Discrimination, gender inequality and loss of jobs, these along with many others, are issues that President Snow’s of England cannot distract us from. We will keep recruiting and fighting until the odds are in every ones favour. 

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