Thursday, 26 September 2013

Books books books & the importance of family and friends!

I am currently sat in my living surrounded by boxes of books! I've had to climb over 2 piles just to get to my armchair, I have a suitcase packed full and I have just had to ask two people if they could hold on to their books for a couple more weeks as I have run out of room to store them. I've spent 2 weeks driving round the county and squeezing boxes of books into my little car and been offered countless cups of tea and plates of biscuits. After logging all the adult and children's books that have been donated to me so far I realise I've managed to collect over 300 books, and I haven't even logged the reference books I've been given yet!

And all for London Loveiosa's first project that launches this weekend

Less than 2 weeks ago I was heading up to London to meet with some new friends. After an inspiring talk by the Harry Potter Alliance at Leakycon London last month a group of us soon realised we had something in common, and not just our love of Harry Potter but the overwhelming need to make a difference.

Little did I realise what a difference we could make in just a few weeks!

After finalising the details for our first project I headed home on the train south hoping my excitment would rub off onto family and friends, and they didn't disappoint. 

I quickly put a note up on Facebook telling everyone about our project and asking for book donations, I was hoping to get 50 or so books I could bring to the launch. Before I knew it my cousin's friend said she was moving house and had boxes of books I could have. I've only met her a few times but she welcomed me into her home. We ended up chatting for a few hours over a cuppa and after playing Lego with her son we loaded the boxes of books into my car and I left not only with 100 books but with a new friendship as well!

Over the following two weeks I've had old work colleagues give me all their books as they've now got a kindle, had friends decluttering hand me bags of books, another friend of a freind moving house giving my most of her books (plus another cup of tea and really good catch up and gossip about men!) 2 current work friends and one sister in law giving me all the kids books their children had grown too old for and a cousin giving me all the books they've already read. 

Most of my friends & family know about my love for all things Potter, some of them even share my love, mostly they just humour me! but they all seem to have taken this project to heart

Its been such a lovely experience, not only collecting the books for such a good cause but catching up with old friends and making good friends out of acquaintances, and that doesn't even include the new friends I've now made at London Loveiosa

I can't wait for Saturday and our launch when we can get together and enjoy the start of something which I think is going to be amazing!

See you Saturday x

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