Saturday, 12 October 2013

Puppets everywhere!

After winning the chapter cup, we got to be part of the HPA's 8th birthday livestream. It was a work night and starting at 7pm EST meant it was 12am BST for us. I wasn't going to attend, but after finding out that the Potter Puppet Pals would be our guests, I had to! 

I travelled to London knowing I would have a very early start the next day (6.30) to make work for 9am the next day but it was soooooooo worth it! There was pizza while we prepared for the stream.

Firstly once we joined, our London Loveiosa the musical video was shown. This was a bit scary for me as normally I do not sing for anyone. Seeing the final video was great though, everyone that took part made the video awesome. 

I was also very pleased to hear how much our referral link sharing had raised. I hope tonight equality for the win get many more donations on their final night!

The best moment was this! Being part of a live Mysterious Ticking Noise with the Potter Puppet Pals. NOTHING CAN COMPARE!

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