Monday, 9 December 2013

Have Yourself A Very Geeky Christmas

This Saturday, we travelled to Macclesfield to launch the Postcard Project at A Very Geeky Christmas.

The annual event celebrates all things geeky with a craft fair and a wizard rock show.

During the craft fair, we had a stall selling our postcards for 50p, and it was great to see people approach us who already had heard about the project. We also gave away free Wizard Activist stickers.

It was such a fun day for everybody involved, we even came second in the quiz!!

While getting ready for the wrock show, we were delighted to discover Chamber of Secrets was on TV, we had so much fun quoting the lines together. We couldn't believe we had never watched a Harry Potter movie together!

We discovered a great game to play while watching the film:
When Hagrid enters the Great Hall at the end (spoiler) clap along with Dumbledore AND DO NOT STOP UNTIL HE DOES! Much fun will be had, we promise.

While there we were lucky enough to talk to Alex Carpenter, he signed a postcard for us which we will be giving away in the coming months.


Thank you to everyone who made the Postcard Project launch such a success, especially all the members who made the long journey. Also a big thanks to Cathrin and Laura for letting us have a stall and spread the word about our project.

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