Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Member of the Month December 2013

We are so proud to announce the last member of the month for 2013

The honour goes to.....

Hannah was chosen as December's member of the month for her astounding contribution to this month's events. 

Along with attending A Very Geeky Christmas and The Studio Tours, she has also been working hard on our Project for awesome video as well as captaining our District 7 campaign.  It is also down to her we have our wonderful London Loveiosa Autumn/Winter collection.

1) Friendship - Hannah is a great friend to all members. She hand delivered the custom poloshirts she had arranged to be made for each member.
2) Imagination - She has been planning a fantastic video for this years project for awesome video.
3) Hilarity - Hannah is really funny. Just trust us on that one. 
4) Good Quotes - "No one even got to sleep with him, such a waste"
5) Team Spirit - During hours of coach and train journeys she put up with our awful singing and terrible games, even though she was working. She also was one of the main reasons we came second in the Very Geeky quiz, and won our London Loveiosa sopio game. 
Congratulation to Hannah, and good luck to every one else for next month! 

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