Friday, 31 January 2014

Woolly Hat Day 2014

One of the organisations we at London Loveiosa have worked with in tackling economic inequality has been St Mungo's, who run various projects aimed at preventing and tackling homelessness. So when we saw that they had a fundraiser coming up we decided to offer whatever help we could.

January 31st is Woolly Hat Day, a St Mungo's fundraising event where people get involved in various ways: through donating, having bake sales, wearing their silliest woolly hat to raise awareness or knitting hats for St Mungo's to sell.  With a few keen knitters in the chapter we decided to have a few knitting parties where chapter members who knew how to knit could teach those who didn't know how to but wanted to learn (with some chapter members joining us via Google Hangout), with the end goal of making as many hats as possible to send on to St Mungo's.

Rebecca and Cheryl with their first completed hats

Elizabeth and Johanna at our first knitting party
After 2 knitting parties and many hours spent knitting we finally had a box of 21 hats to send to St Mungo's, with a few more being sent by individual members.

St Mungo's are hoping to raise £50,000 and I'm glad that we've done our best to help them on their way to that target. Thank you to all of the people who knitted hats, you are all awesome!

If anyone reading this would still like to get involved, St Mungo's are holding a celebrity woolly hat auction which is running until Sunday 2nd February, which you can learn more about here:
Our completed hats
Chapter Organiser Jessica with her first hat

Elesha joined the knitting party through the magic of the internet
One of the hats made by Natasza

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