Saturday, 15 February 2014

The Incredible Adventure of Pamphlet the Pigeon

(Words by Rachael Bellis who witnessed the amazing events in person)

This is a true story. Truly.

It was a day like any other day and London Loveiosa were setting up their stall for Organ Donation day. Actually it was really windy and rainy but that’s like any other day right now. It was also Valentine’s Day but we had more important things to do.

To help raise awareness for the Organ Donor Register, and help the NHS and the British Heart Foundation, the girls were handing out tiny red PomPom creatures, along with brochures, pens, and sign-up sheets!


They had been putting these on all the tables surrounding them so that more people might pick up the information.
Someone had stolen their poster, but they carried on bravely, hoping that the person who had done it would at least sign up to the register. After all, it did have all the right information, even though it was an awesome artistic poster.

All of a sudden, through the two double automatic doors flew Pamphlet the pigeon, hunting for food.
Rachael held on tightly to her popcorn while Johanna quickly cleared up a table nearby so they could fill the table with brochures.

Pamphlet pranced behind Rebecca, who was afraid of pigeons, and Elizabeth sat very calmly pushing the bag of baby shower cookies she had brought for later under her chair.

For a while, everything carried on as normal. Pamphlet was out of sight and the girls continued promoting the register for the NHS.

Then the doors opened again and Pamphlet came closer.

Rachael had dropped popcorn everywhere and so thought if she pushed a piece closer to the doors, it might make a trail for Pamphlet to escape. Pamphlet nearly choked on the popcorn.

Someone else was eating popcorn too. Where Rachael had dropped it, one of the PomPom creatures hungrily gulped down every morsel.

The PomPom had already taken his friend’s eyes.
The PomPom grew bigger, and rolled off the table and towards Pamplet, hoping to steal his popcorn.

The pigeon (Pamphlet in case you were curious) balked and flew up, going back and forth above everyone’s heads.
This made Rebecca very nervous.

The giant PomPom could not be stopped. But Joanna stepped in and threw the eyeless PomPom at his friend.
The eyeless PomPom took back his eyes, because he heard Laurene reading from the brochure and you only donate organs when you don’t need them.

 The giant PomPom couldn’t see anymore and shrank, waiting for someone to donate eyes to HIM. He promised he would be good, but without help from people registering, it would be a long time.
He wasn’t a bad PomPom. He didn’t mean to scare Pamphlet. He just wanted some popcorn.

Meanwhile Pamphlet flew to the top of the stairs, where he could keep an eye on the door. Here’s a picture (but you can’t see him very well. He’s behind the banister.) Rachael’s not a photographer.

The doors opened and Pamphlet flew, but they closed before he got to them. The situation looked hopeless.

Rebecca felt sorry for Pamphlet but at this point, there was nothing anyone could do. Elizabeth was the only one who believed in him.

Then, all at once, both sets of doors opened at the same time. A student walked through one with his iPod on. The other one seemed to open as if by magic.
Like an Olympic snowboarder (only if they were a pigeon), Pamphlet flew through both sets of doors, scaring the student, who looked back at London Loveiosa in fear.
The girls showed him a brochure from the distance.
Pamphlet was free!


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  1. The photo's are my favourite part of this. Surely a terrifying, yet inspirational experience for all those involved.